About us

Anchor Home Inspection is a family owned business. Jeff is a certified home inspector and general contractor in both Washington and Oregon, with a wide range of knowledge and hands on experience in the residential home industry.

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Where it all began

Jeff’s love for residential home building began as a teenager on his family farm and helping his father on construction sites.

In his 20s Jeff managed a plumbing and electrical store. He enjoyed helping his customers select products for their homes, but in time he realized he would rather be using the products to build with instead than selling them.

in 1998 Jeff got his sub-contractor license and stated a residential framing company. Over the next couple years his reputation of quality work grew and so did his framing company. The company evolved adding more employees and provided quality work for multiple General Contractors.

Just years later Jeff was a General Contractor building custom homes and flipping houses.

2016 reality hit, with years of wear and tear on his body Jeff needed a change. It was simple, he could still continue to use his knowledge and experience in residential homes by becoming a Certified Home Inspector.